The Best Robotics Learning Centre In Malaysia

Why Robotics

It’s all about hands-on! Robotics is the only technology education that let kids visualise their new idea thru hands-on and experiments.

Kids finds robotics fun. Instead of tiring lectures, hands-on learning with robotics is the most effective way of introducing STEM and technology. Most importantly, the kids enjoy it.

Best way to learn coding. Coding can be too abstract. With robotics, children able to control a real robot, test the concepts and see what goes wrong, just right in front of them!

“We learn by doing them”

– Aristotle

Why choose us

Play Like champions

Play Like Champions is a mindset, culture and environment that distinguish Assassins from the others. We believe anyone can be a champion, if they think like a champion, train like a champion and play like a champion.

Competition exposure & Experience

Competition embodies play. Play is the greatest setting for learning social skill and developing an ability to work with others to achieve common goal. In Assassins, it’s our honour to give an opportunity for kids to experience and exposure to competition.

Learn all in assassins

Get your kid in a complete technology education in Assassins. Assassins’s tailor-made syllabus allow students to build up their skills seamlessly across multiple platforms, starting from beginner-friendly LEGO robotics to professional industrial programming, so our young ones can not just enjoy fun discovery, but also have serious learning through competition and real-world challenges.


years of total syllabus


different platforms of
robotics, coding and maker


partnering institutes


awards and championship titles


All our champion coaches are professionally skilled and experienced. The kids will learn from the best coaches, honing theirs inherent qualities to attain greater achievements in the field.


Software Specialist with over 20 years of experiences in C++, Python, JS, Image Processing Algorithms and Deep Learning.

Represent Malaysia to Denmark, USA, Australia and Turkey for FIRST LEGO League Championship.

Lee chuang

Oracle Certified Professional and Principal of Assassins Robotics Bayan Lepas.

Represent Malaysia to USA and Australia for FIRST LEGO League Championship.

Lee Shih

ERP System Support and Principal of Assassins Robotics Georgetown.

Represent Malaysia to Estonia for FIRST LEGO League Championship.

Ping yang

Lead instructor with over 8 years of experiences in LEGO robotics.

Represent Malaysia to Denmark, USA, Estonia and Australia for FIRST LEGO League Championship.

Look what we’ve got for you

Robotics, coding and competition. Want to learn many things? We got you all covered! Pick one, call to book a free trial, and welcome to the big family of Assassins.

Robotics & Maker

Get your kids to be introduced to robotics & electronics. They will learn best of both worlds!

Coding class

Young minds will master the professional programming knowledge and skills (e.g. Python and Javascript).

Competition Coaching

Join us to be one of our elite Assassins and represent country to compete in global stage.

Let’s Get Started

Wait no more! Join the others and kickstart your amazing robotics journey with us.


The Best Robotics Learning Centre In Malaysia


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